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Pain and Arthritis

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Pain and Arthritis recipes for dogs!!


For Arthritis:


Peppermint and Frankincense. Put 1-2 drops each along the spine, between back of ears (base), and base of tail. Work into the skin to reduce pain messaging to the brain, AND THEN apply 1-2 drops each again to effected hip/joint, worked into the skin. Apply 3x-4x per day or as needed.



In addition, you may supplement with doTERRA DDR oil blend (come in capsules): 3 drops mixed into food 2x per day


For Pain:


Peppermint and Frankincense = 1-2 drops between back of toes and 1-3 drops on area of pain (not open wound) – rub in gently. You can also apply to the back of the ears.


Dogs with Allergies

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Does your dog suffer from allergies, tired of trying medication after medication with little or no results?

I would like to suggest you give this a try!


Doterra Essential Oils Lemon/Peppermint/Lavender = 2 drops of each in a capsule 2x per day (for dogs under 35lbs, use only 1 drop of each.) Give it with meals. The long term protocol for this is typically 4-6 months.


You can also add IQMega Oil (helps with inflammation and immune system) = 10 drops in capsule, which you can add to the previous capsule, once per day given with food.



And finally, you may also add Zendocrine (capsule form, liver is often affected in dogs with serious allergies) = 1 capsule 2x per day with meals (1/2 capsule for dogs under 50lbs).


If you suspect allergies, it may be wise to change their food to a grain free, salmon based food. Give the new food at least 3 months before expecting to see any change.



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Check out the link of what a dog's Christmas would look like.

Holiday Hazards

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With Christamas fast approaching here is a great article to help keep pets safe.


Essential Oils and your dog/ dilution

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What are the Dilution Ratios for Dogs?


The best way to think about dilution for dogs is to go by the weight of the dog. A small dog under 20 pounds you would treat as a human child or toddler. I would dilute from 30-90% of the human dose again depending on its size.


Essential oils for larger dogs can be used similarly to humans. A medium dog that is in the range of 25-50 pounds can tolerate less than a large dog that is 100 pounds!

My dog, Ayla is a golden retriever weighing about 57 pounds. I usually don’t dilute the oils from the human dosage; however, I also just use one drop! But she is very clean; she eats raw food.

So keep in mind, as we do with humans, that if a dog is sick or toxic then it is best to use less essential oil at first. This is because most oils will detoxify the body at a cellular level.

Cleaning Ears

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Dogs with pendalum ears are prone to ear infections, especially retrievers who love to swim.. Before I started using dōTERRA, I would have to take my dog to the veterinarian to get some medicine and an ear cleanser.  The visit and medications would be about $100. The dōTERRA remedy I use costs a few dollars per ear infection, and we don’t even have to leave the house! Now I use it once in a while as preventative maintenance to save him the nuisance of an itchy ear.

First, I clean her ear with a cloth soaked in witch hazel. It is an inexpensive, natural astringent and it is way gentler than an alcohol-based solution in a pet ear cleaning kit. Once her ear is clean and dry, I add oils: I mixed equal parts of Lavender and Fractionated Coconut Oil in a small glass bottle. Lavender is soothing for all skin issues and heals the infection. Fractionated Coconut oil is a light-weight carrier oil. I rub a few drops of the mixture into her ear—not in the ear canal, but into the flap.

She's all set for a few weeks and smells wonderful. I hope it works for your pooch.

Halloween Safety

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Please remember to keep your pets indoors this Halloween. Here are a few tips on keeping your friend safe.

How to help your dog during fireworks?

1.Provide a den or hiding place where your dog can feel safe.

2.Increase your dog's feeling of security by plugging in an cold air diffuser with lavender as close to the den or hiding place as possible, start using the diffuser at least a few days before fireworks are expected.

3.Ignore fearful behaviour, such a panting, shaking and whining. Dogs may pick up on their owner’s anxiety which could make the problem worse.

4.Before Halloween Night walk your dog when it is still light outside. This reduces the possibility of fireworks being set off and your dog becoming worried.

5.Make sure all windows, doors and cat flaps are securely closed during fireworks night. This will reduce the chances of your pets escaping.

6.Provide distractions, for example new toys or chews, while fireworks are happening. Draw curtains and switch on the TV to mask the noise from the fireworks.

7.Try not to leave your pets alone while fireworks are going off, pets will be more relaxed when they have a familiar person with them during this time.

8.DO NOT punish your pet! This will only make your pet more distressed.

Vet Anxiety Reliever

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Vet Anxiety Reliever- doTERRA Oils & Your Dog

Many dogs get anxious about going to the vet. That can make it difficult to get them in the car, and to get them to settle down while at the vet’s. For your next veterinarian appointment try this trick to help your dog stay calm and collected.


Place 3 drops of dōTERRA Lavender oil on a tissue.


Hold the tissue out for your dog to sniff.


Most dogs are naturally attracted to the smell of dōTERRA oils, so it will help you get his or her attention, and Lavender has a natural calming affect that should help anytime your dog starts acting antsy.

**Don’t put any essential oils directly on your dogs nose; their sense of smell is too sensitive.